Welcome to Perfect Pace!

Perfect Pace is a San Diego-based, non-profit, gay backpacking and hiking organization, serving men and women for the Southern California area. With most of its members residing in Los Angeles and San Diego, the club is run solely by volunteers. The events are typically strenuous and cater to in-shape adventure seekers. Perfect Pace primarily focuses on overnight backpack trips in South and Central California and the Southwest, but also hosts many day-hikes and extreme power hikes.

How to Become a Member

To become a member (or a acquire a username), you must attend an event. Perfect Pace is a participation-based organization. If you would like to register for an event, click "I need a username" on the page of the event you wish to register for. You will be required to complete a one-time on-line application and pay for the event on-line through Perfect Pace's PayPal feature. Complete the on-line application only if you also are ready to make immediate payment through PayPal. Neither registration, nor the wait list, is available for new members on events that have already reached capacity. The best way to become a member is to register for a day-hike that is not already full. New members are encouraged to register for a day-hike before attending a backpack trip.

Submitting the online application will require to agreeing to certain waivers. For liability reasons, guests of members attending events will be required to create their own individual accounts.

New members are always welcome. There is no membership fee, but the events do require payment to cover permit, campground, transportation, food, club operating expenses, and other costs. Carpool passengers are encouraged to offer contributions to drivers. Out-of-town guests are also invited to Perfect Pace events.
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Other than event details, non-members have access to the rest of the Web site, including the gallery and trip reports. The Web site offers a calendar of upcoming events, trip reports, a picture and video gallery, inspirational stories, checklists, tips on techniques and gear, and helpful links. Enjoy the Web site!

What Powers Perfect Pace


Have you ever looked at an REI catalogue and imagined you were one of the folks in that trip. Well, stop dreaming and come to a Perfect Pace event. Perfect Pace heavily celebrates photography of the outdoors and the members in that setting. Great pictures and trip reports of the events are posted on-line only a few days after the trip takes place. Perfect Pace takes hundreds of pictures on each trip and only selects the few that capture you and the essence of the event at its best. Many of the albums are musical slideshows and some include streaming video. All the photos are also downloadable for that perfect screensaver. Perfect Pace integrates seemlessly to YouTube and Flickr for a rich media experience.


Perfect Pace events typically run more on the challenging side, so the club tends to attract in-shape individuals who desire a little challenge. The pace is typically fast. A few of the events are extreme day-hikes. Learn more about getting in shape for Perfect Pace events. Most of the hikers in the club are experienced hikers or are very enthusiastic about picking up the sport of hiking or backpacking. If you are new to hiking or backpacking, Perfect Pace is committed in assisting you all the way.


Internet technology is the amazing machine that allows Perfect Pace to function with the part-time work of only one person. Information is exchanged at the speed of thought and Perfect Pace takes pride in being paperless. The only piece of paper you need to print is the on-line topography map (part of your ten essentials) that is provided for that event. Your contact information and waiver is all handled only once when you first register, which you can make changes to at any time by logging on. Registration for an event is handled on-line as well, which you can change at any time. Detailed information on a trip is displayed on-line, in only one place, and the updated information is displayed as soon it becomes available, sometimes on a daily and even hourly basis. So you can always check the Web site for any last-minute changes to the event.

Perfect Pace also takes pride in staying on top of the newest hiking technology and techniques. Stronger, lighter, and more efficient hiking gear comes out every year. Some of the latest rages are JetBoil, 900 fill down bags, hiking poles, fast-packing, and ultra-light backpacking.


We hike hard. We party hard. Have you ever spent five dollars for a small cold Gatorade at a shop next to a trailhead after a hike? At a Perfect Pace event, you not only get a cold Gatorade, but all you can eat and drink after a long day's hike. Every day hike has a short tailgate party with Becka-homo-Eca's kitchen. It's a great time to enjoy ice cold drinks (including beer), mingle with the group, and replenish those calories the hike stripped away. On the backpack trips, Perfect Pace is proud to serve its signature backpack entrees and many times, incredible home-made desserts. On the backpack trips, I will also bring dirty martinis to share. Members typically also bring cognac, wine, and other spirits. We're all adults-friends-athletes. Drinking responsibly, especially in the backcountry, is expected.


Perfect Pace is not just about having fun hiking with a group of friends. Its about finding ourselves. Since Perfect Pace is heavily focused on backpack trips, which lends itself to opening up to each other at a deeper level, the group tends to be more intimate. It's not uncommon to see someone cry while watching a breathtaking sunset, to witness a member release his lover's ashes at a mountain top, to innocently skinny dip at a remote canyon stream, and finding the conversation venture into depths you've never thought possible.

Perfect Pace also strives to give back to the community by supporting the gay community, other hiking organizations, and sometimes hosts fundraiser activities for such causes as fighting cancer and AIDS.

About Me

I discovered the amazing sport of backpacking just a few years ago. Now I backpack all the time throughout Southern California. I've gained a wealth of knowledge through reading, seminars, courses, my backpacking buddies, and most of all, experience. I created www.perfectpace.com to network with other gay hikers and backpackers who share my passion in the outdoors and to coordinate trips with.

It truly amazes me how the wilderness has changed me. In just the last few years, not only do I have a deeper appreciation and respect for nature, but it has helped me to tap into my inner self and find inner peace, appreciate everything I have in life, answer the call to give back to the community and help others, and to cherish and protect what nurtures me -- the great outdoors.

I'm a graduate from UCSD with a bachelor's in Urban Studies and Planning with a career as an internet applications engineer. I've shared my life with a wonderful partner of in San Diego since 1992. I'm a certified trip leader with California Great Outdoors, a board member for GayOutdoors.com (a national gay outdoors organization), certified in Wilderness First Aid by the Sierra Club, and was awarded third place for Gay Outdoorsmen of the Year for 2005 by GayOutdoors.com. My hobbies include graphic design, photography, running, dancing, and last but not least, hiking.

My Philosophy

In our hectic, fast-paced Southern California lifestyles, it's easy to lose sight of our roots. What a better place to rediscover ourselves than the place where we originally sprang, where beauty is untainted and pure -- the wilderness.

Live It Out

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or interested in a future event, please feel free to e-mail us at info@perfectpace.com.

Happy Trails!

Founder, Perfect Pace