Scouting Noble Canyon

(3/27/06) Last weekend, Andy and I scouted the hike up Noble Canyon trail. The trail was way beyond my expectations. I expected mostly the standard SoCal chaparral-choked hillsides with a slight coniferous forest at the top. Again I was fooled by mediocre trip reports and blas´┐ę pictures found on the Web. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by beautiful thick oak groves that lined Noble Canyon stream much of the trail. There were also many breathtaking drops as the trail meadered high along the canyon wall. The long shady oak grove turned slowly into a coniferous forest with pines and cedars as it gently switchbacked up Mount Laguna. The snow on the ground added a very dramatic flair to it all. There was one point on the trail where I just stopped in awe and said to Andy, I cannot believe we are in San Diego. This is incredible. Andy said it reminded him of the mountains back east. This is definitely a permanent trip I'm adding to the annual schedule.

We had a little bit of an adventure as I realized that I forgot the second JetBoil fuel canister. Before starting up the trail, we put our creative minds together and went for a scavenger hunt at a nearby hardware store to create a home-made stove. It was quite the science project. There were a few hilarious Laurel and Hardy moments like spilling the water after waiting for it to boil for 30 minutes. Be sure to ask Andy or me about the whole chafing dish canister cooking story.

Check out the awesome scout trip pictures by clicking on the View Slideshow link below.

What are you doing this weekend? It's not too late to come on this trip. Come join us a fun time! Click here for more information.