The Nasty Ticks Will Bite

(5/8/06) The Agua Tibia trip was incredible. The pizzazz-filled cast made it one of the most amazing Perfect Pace trips ever. Perfect Pace welcomed Amy, the first woman to attend a Perfect Pace backpack trip. Amy is a real hoot! It is a such an honor to have her with us. She will be joining us in many of the hikes this summer.

A large variety of spring flowers brightened up the hillsides along our route. The Crossley stream offered a welcome respite from the warm first six miles. The stream was not screaming cold either, hence the name Agua Tibia (warm water in Spanish). Let's see if you can guess who got butt-naked in the stream. The dry backpack weight, ticks, poison oak, exposure, and mileage didn't seem to bother anyone... we we're all just having way too much fun!

Perfect Pace is now becoming popular with the college community throughout Southern California. Malex and Jeff added creative spark and vigor to the Agua Tibia trip. The three of us sang our hearts out at the top of Agua Tibia peak and rehearsed "briefly" before performing "The Nasty Ticks Will Bite" in front of a "tough" crowd. Fortunately, none of the ticks did bite on this trip. And who am I to stop two college studs from conducting a "sexy tick search".

Dinner was fabulous with Perfect Pace's new signature entree, Southern Thai Ginger Chicken and Rice. Malex also whipped up a delicious fetuccini with fresh garlic and herbs. And Amy surprised us with a delightful batch of brownies.

Early Sunday morning we we're awakened to a glorious sunrise. Not a full Islands in the Clouds Sunrise, but as you can see from the pics, it was still pretty darn spectacular.

And yes, I know I'm a little flat in the bass line. It was the dirty martini's fault. I will have to rehearse a little more for the Sound of Music production at Kearsarge Lakes...

Special thanks to Jeff C and Jeff H for their amazing picture contributions. Their pictures are labeled JeffC and JeffH. And many thanks to Mike B for his fantastic video contributions. What a treat!

Comments from the others

- It was one of the best experiences I have had in years. Your energy and attention to every trip member astounds me.

- I am incredibly impressed with your leadership, mentoring, and (humorously) counseling abilities.

- What can I say that I haven't already. You really have done a masterful job with all this. I really had a fantastic weekend (again). You have an incredible knack (or luck) to bring the right kind of people together for these outings. I have no idea how to thank you, if I win the lottery you will be my first beneficiary, until then all have is my body to offer you (LOL) seriously though, you are my idol.

- I had such a good time on the trip! Can't wait til the next one. So, by 'special' version of the song...do you mean the short yellow bus version? :-|)

- Great trip! Thanks again for everything.

- Thanks again for leading a wonderful backpack. I think it is my favorite so far.