After the Fire

(4/27/05) It was heart-wrenching walking through the charred forest of the Cuyamaca Mountains last Sunday. Since it was my first time hiking there, I could only imagine how beautiful these tall trees stood just a few years ago. The rainy cold foggy day only added a harrowing reminder of the smoke filled skies late October of 2003.

A novice hunter who got lost, just recently admitted to starting the blaze in an attempt to be rescued. The Cedar Fire took 15 lives, destroyed 2,200 homes, and burned more than 273,000 acres. It got so close to home that we had to pack an emergency bag and be ready for evacuation.

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Mother Nature is resilient though. The pictures I took of my hike are testimony of that. There is already lots of new growth and the chirping of the birds is a gentle call that we'll bounce back.