Discovery: Perfect Pace's first DVD

(7/19/06) Folks have been wanting to slip me cash on numerous occasions, knowing that I grossly undercharge for the events, and absorb much out of my own pocket. Now is your chance to donate. Your donation will also enable you to watch the Perfect Pace videos in high resolution DVD quality, which includes a beautiful and professional DVD menu, DVD, and DVD case. Your purchase of the Discovery DVD will help to offset the thousands of dollars put into Perfect Pace trips over the last couple years which includes scout trip costs, upgraded gourmet meals, unforeseen reservation costs, and Perfect Pace equipment. Included in the DVD are amazing videos of the events Noble Canyon, Agua Tibia, Sheep Canyon, Sespe Creek, and the Big Tahquitz. Also included is my modest attempt at a music video to the music Tonight I Wanna Cry. If you would like to donate more, then buy more DVDs and give them as gifts to your hiking buddies, family, and friends.

To purchase the DVD, click here to go to Perfect Pace's online store.

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Why buy the DVD?

  • The streaming videos in the Perfect Pace gallery do not do the videos justice. Now you can watch the videos in high resolution DVD format.
  • A beautiful and convenient DVD menu allows you to easily select which ever video you want to see.
  • You can share a trip that you have been on with family and friends.
  • And at the same time help rescue Glen from all the Perfect Pace costs

Happy Trails!