Hanging out at with Great Outdoors

(5/2/05) I'll admit it probably wasn't the best idea for me to go camping and hiking three days after throwing my back out. But this is coming from the same guy who finished the Honolulu marathon a few days after being in a wheelchair. I guess I just can't be the little kid whose face is peeled to the window watching the kids play outside.

In no way do I regret it. Hanging out with Great Outdoors, Los Angeles at Joshua Tree over the weekend was way too much fun. Great Outdoors is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer gay and lesbian organization dedicated to the enjoyment of outdoor recreation. There were probably about 25 of us at the Jumbo Rocks campground from all over SoCal ... Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Long Beach, San Diego, etc. There were great hikes both days. Fortunately the ones I went on were easy ones, which I'm sure my back appreciates. The wildflowers are still blooming like crazy and Barker Dam is filled to the gills.

The synergy of the gathering was amazing, with fun games in the afternoon, a fabulous tea and potluck, with great fireside camaraderie and lots of wonderful companionship. It was great letting go with such terrific group of people.

Kudos to Dan Robertson for organizing such a great event!