One Community. One Backyard.

(2/23/07) Raised in San Diego, I've always thought of Los Angeles as being the far city to the north. During my childhood, my dad drove us to Los Angeles for our annual holiday gathering with my cousins. Restless in the back seat of the car, I just remembered it being a long drive... a real road trip. That feeling of distance for some reason has never escaped me -- that is, until now...

As I drove up with Andy to the San Gabriel Mountains for the day-hike led by our fantastic trip leader, Mike; it began to dawn on me that I am not just a part of San Diego anymore. I'm part of Los Angeles and part of Palm Springs. Because of Perfect Pace, I've truly become a Southern Californian.

Over the last couple years in Perfect Pace, the average distance we drove to our SoCal trailheads was 2.5 hours. Perfect Pace is into big hikes. So where does it head to -- the big mountains. It just so happened that the three biggest ranges in SoCal we're pretty much 2.5 hours away from San Diego in an almost perfect triangle. For some reason the San Gabriels that hovered over Los Angeles just seemed to be the furthest to me. It was actually the shortest -- time-wise at least. Hmmm... it must be the childhood LA drive that fooled my brain into thinking this.

Perfect Pace now attracts an equal number of members from San Diego and Los Angeles. And when you think of it, why not? Internet technology easily keeps us connected and the drive to the trailheads is pretty much the same for both cities.

As I'm now suddenly drawn to the San Gabriels and the many trails and diverse terrain it has to offer (with the Santa Monica Mountains now also entering my radar), I'm also drawn to the many friends I've made in Los Angeles through Perfect Pace.

The cities in Southern California just do not seem far away anymore. It just feels like one community. One backyard. And one family in Perfect Pace.

Oh yeah... the trip report on San Gabriel Peak -- Andy slipped snow down my back. The End.

hehehe... the pictures actually tell the story line well, it really doesn't need narration. Click View Photos Now.

Thanks Mike for a great hike!