Into The Magic

(3/20/07) Photo and Video Credits: Jeff C, Carlos H, and Glen O

Magical. It was the word I used to describe this trip last year as well. I'm not sure why I find this trip so magical. I used to think it was my favorite backpack -- simply because of its close proximity to home. But there is something more about it that beckons me...

Maybe its because there are so many remnants of the Cahuilla Indians who resided there centuries ago that you almost feel their ghostly presence.

Maybe its just the way the colorful red granite polished from the cascading falls draws my eye.

Maybe its because one night of the trip is spent in one of the most inaccessible areas of Anza Borrego State Park. It wouldn't surprise me if the last people there we're us the previous year.

Maybe its because I'm a true desert rat and just love the heat and the subtle beauty of the desert.

Maybe its because I had a spiritual encounter there a few years ago.

Maybe its because of my ill-fated solo trip there at the beginning of my backpacking career when I learned never to get cocky in Mother Nature's turf and to always be prepared and careful.

Whatever the reason is, if there was any one place I would call my wilderness home away from home, it would be Sheep Canyon.