Roughing it with the Boys

(6/9/05) And rough it was the first day up Agua Tibia Mountain. Not only did we have to carry extra water weight after the only reliable stream crossing at mile seven, contend with desert temperatures after the marine layer dissipated, ward off biting flies, bushwhack the last few hundred feet to the summit, but we also had to trek twelve miles at an elevation gain of 3179 feet.

But I heard Zandall say it himself, "It was worth it."

The views from the top were even more spectacular than my scout trip the previous weekend. We camped at a beautiful clear flat spot at the top of the mountain, with no wind, no bugs, a full 360 degree view of Southern California, and witnessed the most spectacular sunset and sunrise. It was my first summit sunrise ever and I must say I was floored or should I say topped ;) The whole mountain was ours that weekend. We did not run into a single soul on the trail.

Stargazing was also excellent Saturday night. We had a difficult time deciding if certain slow moving objects were satellites or just slow airplanes. My dirty martini concoction was a little off this time. I'm guessing a little more olive juice and a little less insect repellent on the face. Maybe this was the cause of our satellite/slow plane quandary.

I've got to say the best part of the trip was the company. There is something about being on a multi-day backpack trip that really allows you to let loose with others. Not only to laugh and tell stories, but to share our lives, our dreams, our disappointments, our weaknesses, and most of all our strengths.

Thank you guys for making this such a great trip and special thanks to Erick for sharing his vast knowledge of the plant kingdom.