Fairy Tales

(5/9/07) Photo Credits: Jeff C

The Santa Monica event turned out to be one action-packed day as we meandered through fields of flowers at Point Dume, pointed at star fish and anemone at Point Dume's coral reefs, continued our hike up through the grassy hillsides of the Santa Monica Mountains witnessing expansive ocean views and views of Rattlesnake Peak, afterwards visiting Tom's beautiful Malibu hillside home, dining at an an amazing beach side Thai restaurant, and finally attending a delightful show, titled Fractured Fairy Tales, which Mick played piano with cotton candy pink hair.

Special kudos to Mike for leading us on our hike. Also thanks to Jeff for taking pictures for us, thanks to Tom for his gratious hospitality in his beautiful home, and thanks to Mick for the party and show invite. Your performance was fabulous.