Backpacking the Angeles

(7/16/07) The folks from San Diego decided to get a head start on our weekend escape by car camping at Guffy Campground, located in the high country of the San Gabriel Mountains. It was so nice to sleep in and also do some altitude adjustment. The car camp was surrounded by great views and was also very secluded, with only one other party there. Best of all, it was free and reservations we're not required.

The bad news was that it was not the easiest location to direct folks to. Maybe that's one of the reasons why it's so secluded. It's a long dirt road up to Guffy campground. A road closure and bad cell phone reception made matters worse. Unfortunately, Carlos had to bag on the trip due to the travel difficulties. Sorry Carlos... we'll make it up to you on the next trip ;)

We drove over to the trailhead from the campground, parked, and started our hike along the beautiful PCT trail along the San Gabriel high country. I love this area of the San Gabriel's. It's so remote, secluded, and beautiful, probably because of the long windy dirt road to get there. This was a reverse mountaineering hike, so the first day was mostly downhill. We had a relaxing pace and had lots of time to catch up on the latest gossip.

We we're privileged of having Ima, our canine mascot, join us on this trip. And as always, despite her senior status in dog years, she continues to kick butt on our strenuous trips. On this trip, she had the added obstacle of very thorny bushes to bushwhack through. You're my hero Ima.

Well, I loved the place we wilderness camped so much, I'm actually going to be selfish and not publicly disclose where it is. I think its one of the few last remote gems left next to a big city and I hope it stays that way. Those who came on this trip can certainly attest that it was not an easy place to get to. I even lead them down a gnarly wrong stretch at one point.

That afternoon we relaxed by the stream and later enjoyed a wonderful home-made pesto by Andy, followed by one of his delicious desert creations.

The second day out was quite the conditioning adventure. It was obvious that the trail was seldom traveled. In some areas, the trail was even non-existent. Given that this was also one of the most magnificent view trails of Mt. Baldy, it is yet another reason why I love this trip so much. There will certainly be many more times I do this trip on my own in the future.

Afterwards, we enjoyed post-trip appetizers and drinks at the trailhead and then later feasted at the Grizzly Cafe in Wrightwood.

Special thanks to Andy for his help in this trip and also to Jeff for his great picture contributions.