A Perfect Pace to Cedar Springs

(6/29/05) This trip had a little of everything. The hike along the bottom passed through a couple oak groves with running streams and a grassy meadow. The switchbacks up to the Pacific Crest trail were not bad at all and were still lined with blooming flowers. The Cedar Springs trail was well maintained with only a single bush overgrown in the section starting the switchbacks. The temperature was also surprisingly nice and cool for late June. The breeze at the top even gave me a slight chill at times.

The hike to Pyramid Peak from the PCT trail junction followed the ridge line and offered stunning views of the desert divide and the local mountains. The rolling clouds that dotted the sky overhead offered excellent photographic opportunities. The last few hundred yards to Pyramid Peak was an off trail scramble, but was easy to navigate through thanks to a few strategically placed cairns. From the top, there was a full 360 view of Southern California. The day was so clear that you could see all the way to the ocean. Its the first time in all my hikes that I've been able to see the Pacific Ocean from our local mountains. Mt. Baldy was also outlined in detail, with a few remnants of snow lingering at the very top.

After enjoying lunch on Pyramid Peak, we hiked down to Cedar Springs. Cedar Springs was a spring fed Cedar tree grove that is a remote backcountry campsite of the San Bernardino National Forest. The gnats and biting flies were a little annoying, but fortunately we brought the Deet.

It was a great pace for both of us. With a few short breaks, neither of us were winded after the 9 mile hike. The conversations Tony and I had were invigorating, which may be another reason we were not winded. We talked pretty much the whole time.

I could definitely see this trip as a weekend backpack trip in the future with peak bags of the surrounding four peaks.