Shining at Gay Life Travel Expo

(10/5/07) A couple weeks ago, we we're selected out of a few non-profit groups to present for free at the Gay Life Travel Expo in San Diego for Thursday night, October 4th. It was Gay Life Travel's way of giving back to the community. With tables starting at $550, how do I could I possibly say no? Now that Perfect Pace has been around for several years, I guess it was probably also time to start promoting the club in a medium other than the internet.

Well, I got to admit I was excited and scared at the same time. With airline companies, city promoters, and big gay travel groups presenting with their big cool expensive banners and give-aways, where do you start with a $100 budget.

So I put on my arts and crafts hat, and started working on the exhibition display. Using Photoshop I struggled with getting the pictures with high enough resolution to come out somewhat decent on a four foot by three foot foam core board, line up perfectly in a grid, and adjust the big sections of dark color to not eat up the ink cartridge. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to print this 4X3 foot monster on a standard ink jet printer and then piece it back together on a foam core board with spray mount. Hey, what would Perfect Pace be without challenge?

I prayed to Mother Becka Homo Eca and at 9pm the night before the Expo, started the printing and gluing madness. My prayers we're answered. At 1pm, I finished positioning the last of the 16 cropped printouts. It turned out pretty nice.

Okay, now what. Brochures, brochures. We need brochures. Uhh... Maybe Microsoft Word has a template to use. Sure enough, it did and it was like butta putting together a handsome brochure for Perfect Pace. The About Page on the Web site was perfect brochure material. Copy, paste, slap on picture. Done.

We also had the '365' slideshow going of all you beautiful people. The folks loved it and we received a few compliments on the pictures. We also had an information sign up sheet and our give-away was what else but trail mix bars.

It was a fantastic experience. Fifty seven people picked up the brochure and many folks stopped and inquired about Perfect Pace. A few folks commented that they didn't know a group like this existed and we're excited to find out about us.

Perfect Pace welcomes all of you who are visited our table at Gay Life Expo in San Diego!

Many thanks to Andy for helping me out!