Perfect Pace Is Born

(7/11/05) I'll have to admit I was a little choked up saying goodbye to such an awesome group of eight people after an incredible day on Baden-Powell Mountain. We all came from very diverse backgrounds from Los Angeles to San Diego, most of us meeting each other for the first time. We began the day with a shared interest of love for the great outdoors and ended the day with hugs. It was easy to enjoy the day together and let loose as we engaged in crazy poses for the camera, stood in awe under the ancient and enchanted Limber Pines, and threw snow balls at each other in the middle of July. Erick, our studly plant expert, was with us for his second Perfect Pace trip. It is always a special treat having him share his knowledge of the plant life around us. There were many things to celebrate that day. It was the first official training hike for Mt. Whitney. You know Jimm and I are totally stoked! It was also a pleasure to welcome Perfect Pace's first lesbian member, Carrie. She will be joining us in many upcoming hikes. So come hike with us gals. Its not just a guy thing. And the Martha Stewart presentation queen that I am, I couldn't resist but to roll out the new mobile cafe that day.

From a breathtaking overlook on the top of the mountain, we had the fortune of spotting a herd of Big Horn sheep scampering along a trail in single file. I could not help but think of its symbolic parallel to our group that day. Rediscovering ourselves through the great outdoors. The club Perfect Pace is born.