Gotcha Wascly Wabbit

(3/4/08) Photo Credits: Jeff C. and Glen O.

The trail up to Villager Peak was quite popular that weekend, at least compared to previous years that we've went. The weather couldn't have been better, with perfect hiking temperatures. One of the great things about Southern California is that you can actually make that statement in middle of winter.

This is probably my favorite trip in terms of panoramic desert views and desert gardens, especially on the way down when the late afternoon sun glistens on the cactus needles and leaves colorful shadows across the desert floor below. It's a great view the entire way down. And if there was only one word that I could use to describe this trip, it would be "solitude". It's such a serene and tranquil trip.

On the way there we ran into a solo backpacker named Betsy. Betsy was a hoot, and we ended up spending most of the weekend with her. She joined us for dinner both nights and on our trek to Rabbit Peak.

Saturday night we laid on the party tarp as I prepared a new Perfect Pace signature entree for us -- jambalaya. It was great adding a new item to our culinary repertoire.

This year I was determined to catch the rabbit. We set off with our ten essentials after the crack of dawn and worked our way to Rabbit Peak. Erez took the lead and had a delightful encounter with a cactus plant. So out came our tweezers.

Mission accomplished -- we reached Rabbit Peak. We noticed patches of snow on the top and we donned all our layers on to stay warm.

The next evening Mike and I dined at a new French restaurant near my house. I noticed they had rabbit on the menu, so of course in a celebration of the hunt kind of whim, I ordered it. There we're a lot of bones, but it was very tasty. As I licked my chops, like Elmer Fudd after a kill, I said to myself, "Gotcha wascly wabbit".