Boney Ridge

(4/10/08) Written by Glen O.
Photo Credits: Jeff C. and Glen O.

I've always been intrigued by Boney Ridge, seeing it from afar from other trips, noticing the distinct shape that named it so.

When Mike posted the trip, I thought to myself, "Sweet!"

Since I had a bit of a drive from San Diego, and preferred to go to bed late and wake up late, I decided to car-camp near the trailhead. I thought I would miss rush-hour traffic by going up the 15, to 215, to 210, and also get the opportunity to view our local mountains and see how the snow melt was coming along. I didn't realize what a long haul that route would be. Including a stop at a wonderful Thai Barbeque restaurant in Woodland Hills, it took me four hours to get to my destination. Yikes! The scenery made it worth it though.

Since it was running late, I decided to just sleep in the back of my XTerra at Sandstone Peak trailhead which was a 1/2 mile away from our meeting point. It was great. Nobody else was up there, very private and quiet. I slept like a rock for a good 8 hours.

The following morning I had my morning coffee, thanks to JetBoil, quickly got ready, and drove the 1/2 mile away to the Mishe Mokwa trailhead. I was excited. Its so nice not having to be leader sometimes. No stress. I felt like I was going on a tour.

I was the first at the trailhead. The other guys soon filtered in. I couldn't help notice that almost everyone was showing up in white undershirts. Heah, nobody called me on the dressed code... I would have glady obliged. Ever since childhood, I've always had this thing for hot guys wearing white undershirts. Now I was surrounded by them. :) Now that's what I call a white party! David wanted to be a little different and go with a fabulous coffee stain tie-dye variation. What was really odd was the tie-dye design seemed to change during the trip... strange.

We drove down to the end of Serrano Road and started our hike. Boy, was it green! I felt like I was in Ireland. It was so green I couldn't control the urge... I did a Sound of Music Julie Andrews spin across the grassy hill.

Fortunately, we had mosquito repellent with us. The suckers we're definitely out feeding. And the wildflowers... lots of colorful varieties in bloom. It was a magnificent show.

The top of the ridgeline was interesting. It was surprisingly flat except for some rolling hills and the distinct boney rocks that we see from the distance... definitely a different world up there. In the middle of it, you would never think you we're on a mountain top.

We reached Sandstone Peak and took in the killer panoramic views. On the way down, I had the best time chatting with Mike and Tan. I realized that I get so wrapped up in leading trips, that sometimes I forget to relax and chill out with others. The perfect day was finished off with glass of red wine and a great Italian dinner at Allegria. I had an awesome time guys! Thanks Mike for putting the trip together!