Mt. Laguna --The Off White Party (III Acts)

(6/2/08) Written by David G
Photo Credits: Glen O and Jeff C

Act 1: You've Arrived On One Of The Master's Special Affairs?

It seemed a fairly ordinary night when Perfect Pace members went to San Diego that late April evening to attend a happy hour hosted by Glen and Mike. It's true that there was Filipino barbeque, pitchers of margaritas and a Jacuzzi. It's true also that there was a hike scheduled for early the next morning. But they, being normal hiking homos, were not going to let a hike spoil the events of their night out. It was a night out that they were going to remember for a very long time.

As twilight turned to night, the men began to filter in. The grill was lit and smoke filled the yard. Glen went inside and soon returned with his meat, red, thick and delicious. The eight inch skewers had been marinating for days. Someone commented that it tasted like chicken and they were right.

Drinks flowed. The shirts soon came off and trunks went on. The jacuzzi jets pulsing with energy, first two men, then three, and then another, each jockeying for position. In the midst of the bubbles wet body parts touched only to be swiftly pulled back. A stray hand, a relaxed arm and more men crowding in. The heat and water level rising higher. Steam fogged glasses and with the click of a circuit breaker the jacuzzi broke. In the now calm water, a hand reached out and gently stroked... [Editor's Note: David has been asked not to download porn while writing trip reports]

Ok, since life doesn't imitate art (or porn) it was really like this...several guys were chilling in the jacuzzi and the motor broke. Which was probably a good thing because the party started to break up and everyone had to be up early...or did they?

Act 2: In Which We Went There And Back Again

Stopping only to purchase Adventure Passes and wake the lodge residents with David's car alarm, the group drove an hour into the Cleveland forest and the trailhead. A cold wind buffeted the fellowship as they started their trek. The tall pine opened onto a meadow, a cold stream filled lake in the middle. The trail went through a burn area and the climb began...up a hill....up the hill some more...still more up...and yes, up some more. Finally, the top and an amazing view of the Anza-Borrego stretched out below. Off in the distance the Salton Sea and even further, the snow covered peak of San Jacinto. After a break for lunch and a healthy dose of radiation from the microwave towers it was back to the cars and a real treat...the floor show.

Act 3: Her Name Was Lola, She Was A Show Girl

Actually, her name was really Glen. And, with a go-go dance on the roof of the X-Terra, he showed how to top the Sound of Music on Boney Ridge. Back at the house, the blender started going and pitchers of margaritas flowing. Two thoughts now come to mind -- "How do you spell Budweiser" and "Do you have anything in black...something low cut and off the shoulder" Two proverbs also come to mind - "A picture is worth a thousand words" and "What goes on the road stays on the road".

With that said, see you next spring at the second annual off-white party. [Editor's Note: anyone reading between the lines should stop downloading porn].