To The Top

(9/25/08) Despite its 'Very Strenuous' rating, climbing to the highest point in Southern California was just too irresistible for at least for 15 Perfect Pacers. My permit for the Vivian Creek Trail up to San Gorgonio summit, was only good for 12, but John saved the day with his resident permit which allowed me to squeeze everyone in.

Over-extending myself with Perfect Pace obligations, wedding planning, and work deadlines have started to take its effect on me. The day before the hike, I was diagnosed with Strep Throat. I told the doc I had to lead a 15 person trip up the highest mountain in SoCal tomorrow and need to get well real quick. He gave me a you're-crazy look and then pumped me full of antibiotics.

I gave my pre-hike speech and then we we're off. The hike went amazingly well. Everybody made it to the top. It was glorious on the summit. I think the wind chill surprised a few of the folks, but I found it invigorating. I was definitely experiencing SoCal Mountain High or maybe it was from all the drugs.

On our trek back down, I did my typical ankle sprain (or as Jeff puts it 'Glen broke a heel'), which of course was many miles away from the trailhead. But I made it down okay thanks to my hiking poles and also looking forward to our fabulous barbeque back at the trailhead.

When I got back to the trailhead, I found out from Jeff the ranger was citing other picnickers for alcoholic beverages, and I also couldn't get the grill to connect to the gas tank. With my Martha-Stewart-show-must-go-on attitude, I quickly ran down to the local market and fortunately there was one gas canister on the shelf screaming 'take me'.

So the grill started, the burgers went on, we found a creative way to drink margaritas, people laughed, and everyone lived happily ever after.

(We have got to do a reality TV show. At first, I thought we would attract a bunch of starving actor drama-queens, but then I realized I would probably be the biggest drama queen on the show.)