Believe In Love - Vote No On Prop 8


The Happiest Day of My Life - October 25, 2008

How do you begin to describe the happiest day in your life?

To see two bright shooting stars in a hazy night sky on our drive to Palm Springs, to see two white doves perched next to each other on a window sill on our way to our wedding, to have unusually rare perfect temperatures high up on Mt. San Jacinto in late October, and to have a golden hawk circle above our wedding ceremony as teary eyes glisten in the thin mountain air.

How do you describe the emotions you experience as you hear your brother and sister sing 'One Hand, One Heart' as you walk down the aisle with your soon-to-be spouse for life, to watch your family and friends watch a video of 17 years of the most precious moments of our lives together, and to drive the standing room excitement as everyone howls energetically to a surprise first dance to Mama Mia?

How do you describe a day that felt like angels worked wonders around you and love surrounded us?

How do you describe this to half the people in California who will be voting to take this away from us?

I can't.

Hopefully this video of our 17 years together will...

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Please pass this web page link to your friends, relatives, co-workers, and anyone else who may be touched enough to change their vote on Prop 8 from yes to no. Our time is now.


Glen and Mike