Journey to the Heart

(2/7/09) Written by Glen Raines
Photo Credits: Jeremy Marble and Glen Raines

As we pulled into the same parking lot we pulled out of the previous month, it became more apparent that this was really going to happen - we were going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail a section at a time. Other than going through college, this was probably the biggest undertaking I've ever started in my life. Fortunately, this life-long endeavor was much more exciting. The sheer thought of completing the 2,650-mile trail was such a grandiose pursuit that it ventured into the transcendental realm. After just completing two segments of this journey though, I'm already seeing a cross-over into a world I haven't experienced with Perfect Pace before. For example, on this trip, raw open group sharing on two typically hushed subjects came up - love and loneliness.

Time seemed to go quickly as we spent the first part of our trip catching up with each other. It was not distracting enough though to lose sight of some very unique and diverse landscape. For instance, a few small sections resembled as Jeff put it, a background used to dump dead bodies in an unsolved murder TV show. You could almost hear the murder mystery music as we walked through this haunting area.

One of the highlights of the trip was taking a quick detour down to Kitchen Creek Falls. The cascade was more beautiful than I anticipated and dropped down quite a ways. I can see why we bumped into so many people hiking to and fro the falls. My favorite picture of the trip was taken at one of its many pools.

Something different we decided to do this time was to do two day-hikes with an overnight car camp instead of a backpack trip. Everybody loved it. It was really nice not having to carry the extra weight on your back and to have a nice cold beer and campfire waiting for you at the end of the hike.

One topic that we passed around the campfire for about an hour was the Sound Of Music. How often do you think this happens on a straight camping trip? Another theme that kept popping up during the weekend besides love and loneliness, was dropping the weight. The race was on to drop the pounds before President's Day Weekend.

The last section of our trip was pretty amazing as we started to reach the pine trees and views of the desert divide. There was still patches of snow which added even more ambience to the gorgeous views. This was definitely a trip worth repeating.

Well, I got to admit I really enjoy the smaller groups, especially with folks I've grown close to. One of the reasons why I love to be in the outdoors is 'finding ourselves'. It never occurred to me all this time, that soul searching doesn't necessarily have to be a solo experience. We can find ourselves with each other.