It's Raining Men

(8/17/05) The weather was perfect as we started our hike up Devil's Slide Trail in the San Jacinto Mountains. Our mission: Finding Red Tahquitz. Perfect Pace welcomed a few new members on this day-hike, Andrew and Ralph. It was also an honor to have Ron's adorable canine friend, Ima, join us for the first time. Hopefully, Ron will bring Ima on many more trips. She assisted in navigation and also warded off the evil spirits of Red Tahquitz.

We had a fairly quick pace up the mountain. Jimm and I certainly felt it with our weighted training packs. Surprisingly, there were not a whole lot of people on the trail. Also surprisingly, the streams were still running strong, which is unusual for this time of year.

We accomplished our mission of finding Red Tahquitz. The peak was very beautiful with its bright fiery granite colors. The sheer drops surrounding the peak were breathtaking. I didn't "feel funny" or "hear voices" on the peak, except of course for the usual voices I hear in my head.

Despite clear sky predictions, it started raining on the way down the mountain. It just goes to show you the mountains have a mind of their own. Of course, the light rain didn't dampen our spirits at the tailgate party. The large conifer over the car provided perfect shelter from the down pour as we listened to dance tunes, including Its Raining Men. It practically was raining men with the rock climbers coming down from the rock face above us. Belay!

Special thanks once again to Jimm for his photo contributions. His photos are labeled "CIMG".