Perfect Pace Closure

(9/16/09) It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that after four amazing years, Perfect Pace will have its last event October 3, 2009. Catering to an elite niche of hard-core, gay, athletic adventurists, Perfect Pace has won the respect of other hiking organizations and individuals both locally and nationally. In the gay hiking community, Perfect Pace has earned the reputation of being unprecedented in intensity and class.

Unfortunately, Perfect Pace has been mostly a one-man show. I will no longer be able to sustain the group, because I'm going back to school to obtain my master's degree while working full-time. My sincere apologies that I have not done a better job recruiting volunteers.

One member called me last night suspecting the group's closure, and offered to step up to help keep Perfect Pace going. One to two people is not going to cut it though. If you really want to keep Perfect Pace alive, its time to step up now and make a commitment. No, not money -- just your heart and a small piece of your time. You may find that volunteering in Perfect Pace may be the most rewarding thing you've ever done in your life. It certainly has been for me. Let me know if you would like to help.

The toughest part for me with this decision is affecting the tight circle of friendship that has been created in the group. Its turned into more than just another on-line networking site. I've seen people at their worst and their best, learned of their deepest secrets, shared in their pains and celebrated in their triumphs. I've seen hook-ups and break-ups. Best of all, a lot of love has formed in the group. Like giving birth to a child, how do you just let it go... I've cried many times over the last few days.

I will always cherish my memories with Perfect Pace and the many friendships I have gained with the group. And as a gay athlete, it will always be with beaming pride, that I will say I belonged to Perfect Pace.

Live It Out,

J. Glen Raines
Founder, Perfect Pace