San Jacinto Backbone

(9/17/09) Remembering the first time we did the San Jacinto Backbone in the opposite direction, which was easier than this year's south to north direction, I knew this was going to be a challenging trip. Fortunately, the first day was relatively kick-back. And as you can tell from the first day's pics, we we're having a grand ole happy hour at Cedar Spring Camp.

The next morning we started our challenging trek up Mt. San Jacinto. I personally loved the climb. I think the views on the stretch between Spitzer Peak and Red Tahquitz we're some of the most breathtaking mountain views south of the Sierras. As Mike Brostoff puts it, I was gushing from the beauty that surrounded me. Of course, reminiscing of my wedding there almost a year ago probably had a lot to do with my excitement.

On the last stretch of the hike, Mike wanted to start ahead of us and I accidently gave him erroneous directions. Being a stickler for staying on the PCT for those participating in the epic PCT journey, I was horrified, when I figured out what I had done. Of course Mike's altered route became the joke for the rest of the trip. Did Mike make up the route? Why, of course he did. :)