Mt. San Jacinto Backpack 2009

(9/17/09) What do you get when you combine a barefoot hiker, a guy in a skirt, a guy in a cape, an ostrich egg, and a light show? Perfect Pace! Hahaha...

The backpack up to Little Round Valley on Mt. San Jacinto filled at 15 people. I loaded the ostrich eggs in my backpack, took off my shoes, and lead the troupes up the PCT. It turned out my 'Moderate-to-Strenuous' estimated rating was a little off. Whoops! Sorry guys.

Despite the strenuous nature of the trip, the guys managed to cut jokes left and right and of course still had energy left to start the party at camp. Out came the costumes... I wish in hindsight I brought something of Priscella Queen of the Desert variety to keep up with these queens. Well, I did carry ostrich eggs up the mountain with bare feet to keep some self-respect.

That night, many of us drank into the weee hours of the morning. A few interpretive dances, a light show, and a few never-to-be-seen pictures ensued from that night. I got so trashed I slept through my alarm clock and missed the trip I was supposed the lead up to the summit to watch the sunrise. Whoops again! Fortunately, our dedicated sunrise hikers proceeded without me.

It was probably a good thing I got the extra zzz's though, because I had one hellava brunch to orchestrate that morning. Everybody helped. It was a beautiful site to watch with everyone busy at different cooking stations like out of a seen from Iron Chef does the Rockies. OMG, everything came out crazy good: Banana pancakes with home-made maple syrup, hash browns, freshly pressed gourmet coffee, and last but not least -- ostrich egg scramble with mushrooms, green bell pepper, green onions, and cheddar cheese. Oh, did I mention Aunt Jemima made an appearance as well?