Skinny Dipping Barbie

(9/21/05) A three mile round trip hike of San Diego's famous Cowles Mountain kicked off the day for our end of season party. Once again the group took me by surprise with a fast clip up Cowles Mountain. The group was led by our canine sweetheart, Ima, as I swept the trail in the rear of the pack. There wasn't much to sweep with this in-shape crowd. We spent about half an hour at the top enjoying the views and entertaining each other before heading back down.

Free-flowing margaritas, sunshine, dance tunes, yummy food, and splashing in the pool and jacuzzi set the tone for the rest of the day. Barbie, heard all the commotion outside and decided to join in. She even brought her speed boat. After spotting sexy Reba, I could tell Barbie was on the fence with us all. I wish I took more pictures at the party, especially with this photogenic bunch. But you know how dizzy I get when I'm in Becka-Homo-Eca mode.

In many Perfect Pace outings, some folks have not been at all shy about skinny dipping. Barbie certainly was no exception during this event as she sported her perfect tan-line-less tan. The folks at the party told me that I'm going to have to bring her on all the outings now. Hmmm... I may bring Barbie, but the boat stays at home.