The Trek To Mysterious Red Tahquitz

(8/20/12) Trip report by Glen Raines / Pics by Jeff Cuevas and Glen Raines

Five of us showed up at Devil's Slide Trail for a day-hike to the mysterious and obscure Red Tahquitz Peak. This site, among a few, is named after the feared demon Tahquitz, who was known by Indians throughout southern California, and was believed to inhabit the San Jacintos. The signature red rock is scattered across the entire summit and approximately down 100' on all sides. The rock here is very ancient and different than everything else around it, and for some reason some spots yield a very spooky hollow sound when walked on. It remains a mystery why so many people report "hearing things" and "feeling funny" when on the peak.

It felt strange leading my first Perfect Pace trip in over two years. I was a little rusty leading, but was among dear friends and experienced hikers who I have not hiked with in a very long time. Like an old boys club reunion, and maybe slightly out-of-shape lol, we powered through the climb to the saddle and then continued along the Pacific Crest Trail to the trail junction for Red Tahquitz. I was so rusty I had to do a double take to find the junction, which was not officially marked since it was not an official trail. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be for such an awesome destination.

We finally reached Red Tahquitz, had lunch and enjoyed the views. On the way back on this semi-loop trip the sky released a few sprinkles, but not enough to throw rain gear on. Our attempt at keeping up with Jeff on the final leg from the saddle to the trailhead was futile. The gazelle was nowhere to be seen. Back at the trailhead we enjoyed the tailgate party until the sky decided to finally let loose. We grabbed the stuff off the table and took cover under a tree until the brief storm cell passed.

The commaraderie, catching up, and laughter the entire day was priceless. I didn't realize how much I missed Perfect Pace. It's good to be back :)