Intimate with the Grand Canyon

(12/1/04) Viewing the Grand Canyon from the top was breathtaking in itself. But hiking into the canyon brought me into a whole new level of euphoria and respect... I always wondered why they haven't built a tram from the top to the bottom. I'm beginning to think now its to protect the beauty and delicate eco system in the canyon from nature's worst enemy -- man. I was fortunate that my one-in-three application was accepted for the privilege of descending into the canyon.

As I descended into the canyon, the surreal Sears Portrait Studio like background began to become three dimensional and slowly enveloped me. The descent began to wake all the senses as the waterfalls, streams, flowers, and wildlife came into the picture. Both the strenuous descent and ascent reminded me that OMG-I'm-really-here.

It rained most of the time I was down in the canyon, but I didn't mind. I was prepared for the rain and it was so beautiful and fun down there that I forgot it was raining half the time. I saw many awesome things, made new friends, had brew at the Phantom Ranch Cantina, listened on a ranger talk, fly fished, witnessed a scheduled river flooding, hiked to a secret part of Ribbon Falls, ran the best 10K of my life while I was down there, completed one of my life time goals of hiking down to the river and back, and come to the spiritual realization of the power of just "Being".