Brokemyback Mountain

(12/15/05) Three of us took spills at different points on this mountain hike and I almost broke my back while trying to sit in the driver's seat of a broken down old truck for the cover picture. (Did I mention the seat was nothing more than two or three rusty springs. The smile on my face certainly was not from one of the springs sticking up you know where.) Its no wonder why the trail is closed to the public. El Cajon Mountain should be renamed Brokemyback Mountain.

There was nothing secretive about our gayness on the mountain as Lance and I rushed ahead of everyone else on the trail to a humungous rock that was blocking our way, held out our hands out boldy in front of them and sang in unison "Stop, in the name of love ..."

The park ranger sort of said that in his own way as he stopped us in our tracks in our final quarter mile back to the trailhead: "You know you shouldn't be hiking on this trail..." I think fate cut us a break since we found his lost keys on the trail.

Despite our trips, falls, and tribulations on Brokemyback Mountain, we had an absolutely lovely day on the El Cajon Peak day-hike. The weather couldn't have been better despite the predictions of twenty percent chance of rain. The skies were so amazingly clear we could see as far out as the Coronado Islands and Mt. San Jacinto.

The conversations were spirited throughout the hike. How could they not be; It was Larry's birthday! We couldn't resist but sing him Happy Birthday during Becka's Homo Eca's post-hike tailgate party. Not to sound like Bree Van DeKamp in a stewardess outfit, but I've got to say it, we realize you have many travel options, but we thank you very much for choosing Perfect Pace, especially if it's your birthday. Happy Birthday Larry! And another huge Happy Birthday goes out to Joe Dintino!

As far as love story... what can I say, I love you guys!

To view a real trailer to Brokeback Mountain, click here. I got teary eyed just watching the trailer. I can't wait to see the movie.