• I cherish walking into the first sunrise of 2005 at Joshua Tree, my first clue that it was going to be a glorious year.
  • I cherish the beautiful desert flowers and filled lakes the winter storms have brought us.
  • I cherish the moments of unbreakable silence as we witnessed numerous breathtaking vistas, sunsets, and sunrises.
  • I cherish introducing several people to the joys of backpacking.
  • I cherish our Climb for the Cure fundraiser and Calendar fundraiser
  • I cherish the moment I cried on Jimm's shoulder when we reached the cold, dark summit of Mt. Whitney
  • I cherish the determination and althleticism of those who have hiked Perfect Pace's challenging hikes
  • I cherish being the healthiest and happiest I've ever been in my life
  • I cherish being nominated for best gay outdoors group and the best gay outdoorsman of the year
  • I cherish all of you for the many different ways you have touched my life

I look forward to cherishing more moments and new adventures in 2006. Happy New Year!

Go in perfect pace,