Exploring Goat Canyon Trestle

(2/14/06) Mike and I spent a great day together exploring the Goat Canyon Trestle last Saturday. The weather was perfect and the trail was very easy to navigate now that I knew where to go from the scout trip.

This time I did get some great pictures of the mortero palm grove. We also walked over the trestle bridge, which was really cool. At one point only a grate separated us from the depths of the canyon below, a bit unsettling for those that may be afraid of heights.

We went through a few of the tunnels. One was the old abandoned railroad tunnel that caved in after an earthquake. Mike, an avid cave explorer, walked me into the darkest upper reaches of the tunnel from the other side, where the forces of nature have pounded through the wooden beams. I felt like a coal miner with our headlamps on. I almost expected bats to rustle past us or find a canary somewhere. Near the entrance of the tunnel, we took a break for lunch and enjoyed the coolness of the shade.

I always enjoy hiking with just one other person. It's a great way to get to know the other person and dive into some fun topics. Mike, who has led mountain bike and caving trips, kept me mesmerized throughout the trip with very interesting adventure stories. Hopefully, he will join us on future trips to share more.

Welcome to Perfect Pace Mike!