Freedom To Be Ourselves

(3/3/06) With the Academy Awards coming this weekend, it's hard not thinking once again of Brokeback Mountain. I saw the movie twice and the subtleties in the film that I caught the second time around was mind-blowing. Activity on Perfect Pace has picked up substantially since the movie came out. The discussions around the campfire regarding Brokeback on several Perfect Pace events have been animated and the viewpoints have been dramatically diverse. It fascinates me how the film has stirred emotions in each of us so differently.

As I watched scenes in the movie of breathtaking panoramic vistas, I melted and thought My God, I was there. You don't need to go all the way to Calvary. Brokeback Mountain is right here in our own backyards. Check out the album on Gould, or any of the albums in the gallery for that matter, to see what I mean.

What compels me the most in the film is the freedom to be ourselves in the outdoors. Without judgment. Without condition. As free and wild as everything else that the wilderness encompasses and embraces.

Rediscovering ourselves through the great outdoors -- It's the basic premise that Perfect Pace is built on; reaching a deeper and more remote part of the wilderness; and connecting to a deeper part of ourselves.

Mike Boisvert from gayoutdoors.com granted me permission to link to a beautiful article he wrote on Brokeback Mountain. He took the words right out of my mouth: Brokeback Mountain Represents The Freedom To Be Gay --- Outdoors.