Glen's Backpacking Checklist - Summer 2013

This is my current backpacking checklist for a Southern California weekend summer trip. Its a constant work in progress. My current summer base pack weight is down to 12 lbs (Pack minus food and water). I don't even feel my pack anymore. Its heaven. And to think 3 years ago, I lugged over 65 pounds on my back for a weekend trip.

Base Pack Weight Divisions (Pack minus food & water)
Berger, Hiking Light Handbook
  • Heavyweight: Over 25
  • Lightweight Traditionalist: 19-25
  • Lightweight: 12-18
  • Ultralight: Under 12

Many thanks to BackpackingLight.com and Ryan Jordan's new book, Lightweight Backpacking and Camping for the wealth of information. Also thanks to Townsend's third edition of the Backpacker's Handbook.

As I venture more into the ultralight world and become more experienced in backpacking, I'm realizing more than ever that shedding layers is mostly a state of mind.

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