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Use of variables in a workout description
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A workout description with replaced variables

Use variables to describe workouts

As trainer it is impossible to remember all your athletes’ training zones. That is why we introduced variables that can be used in the description of your workouts.

Imagine you want to create an interval training for your squad. Up to now you had to write a seperate description for each athlete or your athletes had to know exactly what you meant with the name of various training zones. Now you need to write just a single workout description with variables that get replaced with the individual values of your athlete.

You can access all parameters of the athlete profile:

  • Heart rate zone and % of max. HR
  • Power zones and % of FTP
  • Pace zones and % of Critical Velocity

In case your athlete has different values for heart rate, power or pace in different sport types, we will replace the variables with the correct values from swim, bike, run or other sports.

Know your athlete's availability

Create a trainingplan that fits into your athlete’s life. Your athletes can enter their available training times for a standard week and adapt those times for an upcoming week and add a comment for you.

Is it a business trip or a family birthday which makes training difficult you’ll know about it and you’ll be able to plan around it.

The available time slots are visible for you directly in the calendar.

Time table

Workout Library

Add your workouts into the workout library. We already have it pre-filled with sample workouts for every sport and training category but you can add your own workouts to your custom library.

Create a workout in the calendar and drag it over to add it to your library.

Adding it to your athlete’s calendar is just as easy. Drag the activity from the library to the calendar. Optionally you can adapt the activity to your athlete’s need before you publish it.

Athlete feedback

Getting feedback from your athletes and being able to react on it is probably the most important part of an athlete / trainer relationship. Nothing beats a personal meeting or a quick call but that can soon become difficult to handle with many athletes.

With PerfectPace your athlete can comment on every workout that was on the plan and you’ll immediately be notified about it.

You can react on a hurting knee, too easy bike intervalls or too long swim sessions.

Comment on training availability
Comment on activity
Input mask to generate a meso plan

Meso-plan generator

With the help of our meso-plan generator it is easy to get the periodization right. Just select the start and end time and the number of weeks for each cycle. The generator will react on competitions and place tapering weeks accordingly.

If you want to change some details because of a training camp or an injury, you can do that with a single click. Simply change the type of the week.

In case the whole plan changes e.g. from a 4 week to a 3 week cylcle just run the generator again with a different start date.

Performance Management Chart

Be sure that your athletes can reach their peak performance on competition day. Our performance management chart displays the acute and chronic training load as well as the training stress balance of the past and of future planned activities.

Our color codes help you to make sure your athletes don’t go into over training.

Performance management chart
Training Totals

Training totals

Get an overview of your athletes’ training totals.
Compare the time, distance, intensity and number of activites per selected time frame.

Find out how balanced your training plan really is. Do you focus on the right sport? Do you plan the right intensities?

If the general totals are not enough, you can get even more details from the sport specific training totals.

Rename and group your athletes

You can rename your athletes for your view and group them by adding a prefix to their names. Create a group for your IM athletes, ITU or age group athletes.

List of athletes

Access your athlete's profile

Of course you can access and edit your athletes’ profiles. Check their settings and correct them if they forgot to add their new FTP value.

Weekly training overview

The calendar view contains a neat training overview for each week. You see the distance, time and intensity for each sport. There are even markers that show whether the athlete trained too much, too litte or spot on.

Creating a training plan

In the calendar view you have all the information you need to create next weeks plan. You see the athlete’s availabilities with comments, you see the training statistics of the last weeks and whether your athlete is in a training- or recovery week.

You can plan a new week for your athlete by either copying last weeks workouts and modifying them, or simply pull in sessions from your workout library via drag and drop.

Creating a training plan has never been easier!


9.90€ per month and athlete, flat. Free trainer account, no setup fees, no minimum contract period, no hidden costs. You get access to all our premium features to analyze the performance of your athletes and plan their training accordingly. There are no additional costs for your athletes.

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